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Billy Childish

Hangman Communication 0001

Crimes of the future: The role of the artist against
conceptualism and the idiocy of ideas.
1. Good taste is fascism. "Either all are special or none."
2. It is the artist's responsibility to smash style.
3. Artistic talent is the only obstacle.
4. We must embrace the unacceptable in all spheres.
5. We use the tough language that only children can
6. Art is made to impress, but we are not in awe.
7. Artists don't laugh in case the mob should discover
that they are pathetic.
8. Western art has been stupefying its audience into
taking the position of an admiring doormat. We, at
Group Hangman however, intend to wipe our
mud-encrusted boots on the face of conceptual
9. Fashion and its role in art. The artist as social
terrorist or on the pay-roll of the conservatives and
the Saatchi's ?
10. Art can achieve nothing.
11. The negative and bogus posture of being positive.
To like something or 'be positive' has always been
held up as a laudable attribute. We, at Group Hangman
however, believe that it takes consciousness and
intelligence to dislike something. As if being a fan
of some moronical half-wit artist or musician is an
achievement. How often in life have we met 'a fan' who
by their violent devotion to the god-like status of
their chosen infatuation is really only puffing up
their own shabby ego and trying to allude to some vast
expansion of their pathetic brain.
12. The conceptual artist arrives on the scene and
frozen with fear, like some anal retard, is too scared
to transmute their ideas into paint and commence a
string of unacceptably pathetic canvasses and thereby
experience themselves as crap. It is essential for
every artist to paint a succession of unacceptably bad

People have allowed themselves to be robbed of their
child's right to paint by giving up their power to
communicate to the pathetic professionals. We at Group
Hangman denounce the violence of the so-called
'professionals' and stand firm by the rights and
laudability of the intrepid explorer. In short the
critic without and within must be smashed and trampled
underfoot. Above all else we uphold the individual's
right to remain ignorant.

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